Congressman John Garamendi is Looking to Fill an Intern, a Student or Community Volunteer Position

August 19, 2014

Congressman John Garamendi is looking for help in Lake County!
If you are interested in any of these positions as a  student or community volunteer or an intern, please contact Wesley Sagewalker at or 209-682-2372

Student Activist Program

Congressman John Garamendi’s Student Activist program is a youth-driven grassroots internship that focuses on impacting the community through public outreach efforts. What distinguishes this multifaceted organization from similar initiatives is its commitment to building the professional capacity of its participants. The Student Activist program will be open to all high school students throughout Lake County. This is a unique program in which interns are given the opportunity to gain valuable campaign experience through political management training that will build both their personal capacity and resumé. Student Activists responsibilities will include::

  • Leading Community Outreach Events
  • Learning Applied Political Management & Communication Skills
  • Planning Days of Action and Gaining Event Planning Experience
  • Gaining Valuable Business Skills That Will Strengthen a College Application.

Pathway to Progress Internship

Congressman John Garamendi’s Pathway to Progress college internship program calls upon young professionals throughout Lake County to advocate on behalf of core Democratic Values.  Interns are trained through the Garamendi campaign’s professional development program in how to write a business model, how to strategize and execute strategic plans, and how to become an effective project manager. Every participant will learn valuable professional skills that are applicable to both the public and private sector job markets. Interns will spend 12 hours each week:

  • Gaining Firsthand Experience on How a Federal Campaign is Structured
  • Engaging in Community Outreach & Learning Applied Political Management Skills
  • Becoming a Political Operative in Lake County
  • Learning Event Planning and Planning Days of Action

Team Leader Program

Congressman John Garamendi’s Team Leader program empowers community organizers to advocate on behalf of all coordinated Democratic campaigns throughout Lake County. Team Leaders impact the community and increase Democratic voter turnout by developing and executing their own strategic plans. The purpose of the Team Leader is to educate, advocate, and serve the larger community by influencing the political trajectory in Lake County. Team Leaders will:

  • Host Campaign Events for Local Democratic Candidates
  • Facilitate Letter-Writing Campaigns, Book Guest Speakers, and Organize Neighborhood Phone Banks
  • Work With Peers and Community Organizers to Execute Their Own Strategic Plans and Address Issues in Their Community
  • Plan and Execute Voter Registration Drives in Their Communities and Throughout Lake County.