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What are the Democrats’ values?

What do Democrats stand for? Our club has compiled a statement of Democratic beliefs and values. Click on the link below to read or download the statement.

                                                              Democratic Values

   LAKE COUNTY DEMOCRATS’ values include . . .

       equality, fairness, compassion, and progress

We promote

Community – We are all connected to our neighbor near and far

Diversity – We are a nation built on the strength of many cultures

Justice – All persons are entitled to equal treatment under the law

Our Earth – We protect our planet, its resources, and its biodiversity

Progress – In pursuit of health, security, and happiness

We believe government exists to serve us all

We expect government to:

  • Ensure every citizen has the right to vote
  • Promote jobs with livable wages
  • Ensure affordable high-quality health care for all
  • Create a safety net for those needing a helping hand
  • Protect our natural resources and environment
  • Balance public safety with personal freedoms
  • Provide a vibrant and successful public education system
  • Protect consumers from predatory corporate practices
  • Tax fairly to promote sharing of our nation’s wealth
  • Implement a justice system that protects the rights of all

Join the Lake County Democrats to pursue…

a government of the people, by the people and for the people!