Mike McGuire leading fight to protect California’s coast

McGuire’s Resolution Opposing Trump’s Offshore Oil Leasing Plan Approved by Senate 

California’s iconic coast is one of our state’s most important environmental and economic resources. The California coast attracts over 150 million visitors every year and the Golden State’s coastal economy is worth $40 billion and nearly a half million jobs are dependent on a healthy coast.

President Trump has introduced an Executive Order that would turn back the 5 year moratorium that President Obama approved in the final days of his presidency that banned all off shore oil and gas drilling off the shores of California, Oregon and Washington.

Senator Mike McGuire is leading the fight to forever protect California’s coast from offshore oil drilling and introduced Senate Resolution 51, which was approved by the State Senate Thursday.

This important resolution puts the State Senate on record, firmly against the President’s plans to reopen the Pacific Coast to new oil and gas leasing. This resolution couldn’t come at a more important time as the federal comment period on this proposal closes on August 17, 2017.

“This is an unprecedented and unconscionable action from President Trump, and goes against the opinion of the vast majority of Californians who adamantly oppose any new oil drilling off our coast,” Senator McGuire said. “Trump’s claim that this will lead to ‘millions and millions of jobs’ is typically specious and patently false. California’s coastal economy is worth over $40 billion and the President is making stuff up as he goes and we will fight any action that puts our coast and economy at risk.”