Senator McGuire promotes climate change legislation

Senator McGuire’s Statement on Landmark Climate Legislation


Sacramento, CA – Senator Mike McGuire released the following statement in response to the landmark climate change legislation advanced by the State Legislature.

“Regardless of the short-sighted policies of President Trump, California will continue to lead the way on smart policy to combat climate change,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “We are the sixth largest economy in the world, number one in job growth for two straight years in a row and our economy grew by $42.3 billion in the first three quarters of last year — all while proving we can be a world-wide leader in clean air and clean water law and combatting climate change.” 

The bills will appropriate $621.7 million of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Funds for investments to fight climate change, mitigate the immediate impact on California, and begin the process of adapting to the long-term impacts of climate change.

The investments that will impact the North Coast include:

  • $200 million for healthy forests and fire prevention, of which $5 million will be used for activities of the California Conservation Corps. McGuire championed his investment which will greatly benefit Northern California.
  • As part of the $200 million healthy forest investment, the State will roll back the State Fire Fee which save over 96,000 North Coast households millions every year and help local fire districts and volunteer fire companies.
  • $99 million for methane reduction programs, including funding to build out methane digesters and development and alternative manure management  and healthy soil programs. McGuire was a leader to ensure these funds will benefit North Coast dairies, family farmers and our environment.
  • $18 million for low income weatherization for multi-family, solar, and farmworker residential units.
  • Additional millions would go to programs that help replace old and fuel inefficient busses, trucks and cars.
  • McGuire championed the $15 million for wetland restoration which will greatly assist coastal zones up and down the North Coast combat sea level rise.