LkCo News: Dodd, McGuire celebrate opening of new Lake County district office

September 30, 2015

LAKEPORT, Calif. – Lake County’s two state legislators celebrated the opening of their new district office in Lakeport with a gathering of local, state and federal officials and community members.

Assemblyman Bill Dodd and state Sen. Mike McGuire together cut the ribbon at the Tuesday evening grand opening of the new office, located at 885 Lakeport Blvd., next door to the Lake County Agriculture Department.

Even before the two men were elected to their first terms in the state Legislature last year, they had discussed opening a district office in Lake County, Dodd said.

McGuire reported that the opening represents the first time in nearly four decades that a joint legislative district office has been located in Lake County.

“We’re committed to Lake County now, we’re committed to Lake County tomorrow,” McGuire said.

Both Dodd and McGuire have given Lake County considerable attention since taking office last December, with both advocating for the county on myriad issues, from lake health to education to affordable water rates.

This summer, as Lake County has been devastated by three major wildland fires in a row – the Rocky, Jerusalem and the Valley – the advocacy of both Dodd and McGuire has become even more concentrated on the community, with both men working to get the county the needed resources and assistance.

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