Senator Mike McGuire helps Northern California in State Budget

Sacramento, CA – With the release of the California State Budget bills, Senator Mike McGuire is pleased that many of the critical issues he fought for that will benefit Northern California have been included in the state’s budget.

“We have always said that we will fight hard for Northern California to get their fair share when it comes to state resources, this budget reflects that top priority,” Senator McGuire said. “Local students will benefit from the largest boost in education funding in California history, we’re investing in medical and dental services that will expand programs for the most vulnerable, nearly $3 billion for our crumbling roads will be put to work and our rainy day fund remains strong at $8.5 billion.”

Budget highlights:

  • Largest increases in public education funding in California history. School funding has increased $4,500 per student, over the last six years. Schools will now receive $11,058 per student which is the highest the figure has been in California history.
  • $2.8 billion to fix our state’s crumbling highways and local streets and roads.
  • Expansion of the Earned Income Tax Credit which will benefit tens of thousands of low income workers across the North Coast and throughout California.
  • Over $460 million for physician and dental rate increases. These increases will expand Medi-Cal for the state’s most vulnerable residents.
  • $50 million will be included for family planning services, which will be met with a 9-1 federal match, which will benefit programs such as Planned Parenthood.
  • Keeping the state’s Rainy Day Fund whole at $8.5 billion. The rainy day fund is anticipated to increase to $12 billion by 2021.
  • The California Senior Legislature is receiving $375,000 from the General Fund to bridge their funding gap until new legislation goes into effect for its long-term funding sustainability, allowing the CSL to continue advocating on behalf of California’s senior community.

“The bottom line: This year’s budget keeps California moving forward, but recognizes the need to protect the rainy day fund as there could be a softening of the economy ahead,” Senator McGuire said.

The Legislature is expected to take up 16 budget bills this Thursday, June 15. Additional budget related bills may be taken up in the coming few weeks.