Senator McGuire drives effort to secure over $900,000 in emergency funds for Lake County

March 4, 2015

Sacramento, CA – After weeks of working with the state Office of Emergency Services, Senator Mike McGuire has helped secure more than $900,000 in emergency funds to help Lake County recover from the devastating effects of a series of storms in early December.

Governor Jerry Brown this week issued an emergency proclamation for counties across the state that experienced damage from the series of rainstorms, high winds and flooding beginning Nov. 30. The storms impacted people and property by damaging private and public facilities and infrastructure and forced evacuations in some areas.

“The storms caused major damage to Lake County’s roads and infrastructure and we have been working overtime to ensure Lake County communities receive the resources necessary for a full recovery. We are grateful to work with the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to deliver over $900,000 in disaster assistance, which will help the county recover from these significant storm events,” Senator McGuire said.

The storms caused extensive damage throughout the state. On Dec. 22, Gov. Brown also declared a State of Emergency in Marin and Mendocino counties as a result of damage to highways in those counties as well.

Lake County experienced damage to critical infrastructure, including local highways and roads and the majority of the emergency state funds will be used to repair and restore Lake County’s roadways.

Assemblymember Bill Dodd was instrumental in the efforts to secure the much-needed funding to help Lake County recover from the storm damage.